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Change is inevitable.

The Situation:

I turned 81 years old in April and am truly blessed. I have somehow maintained independence, mobility and even my mind (arguably), pretty darn well. I, begrudgingly have to admit though that I am definitely getting older and for the first time ever I am realizing I may need more help in life and probably sooner rather than later. Despite this realization, I was all set to live out my days in my home and studio that has been a significant part of me and my life for 37 years.

A Very Unexpected Opportunity:

BUT, out of the blue I received an unexpected offer on my house and there I was, suddenly faced with a big choice and a big gamble. So of coarse I said yes, as I so often do when presented with a bold (crazy) idea and I am now committed and under deadline. My house is on a reversed mortgage, so after the sale is finalized I will not have enough to build a new house next to my daughter just from the sale alone. In order to help fill the gap in finances I have decided to sell my beloved art collection. If I am honest with myself, I will not have the space in the future for it anyway. My current Earthship home, while unconventional, has a lot of wall space. In contrast the proposed new home will be a humble (but not TOO small) 900 sq feet.



These pieces are beloved. I hope they end up in loving homes and to people who will gain joy and good energy from them as I have. Also, of coarse, I hope to be able to raise funds for the completion of the new house as well.

I'm a little (a lot) scared but very excited and grateful about this unplanned new adventure at this stage in life. Live with Art! Live with Love! Wishing the very best for all of you.

Here's to the future!

It's been amazing.

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